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I'm heading Kokkocon Artist Alley (Kokkola, Finland) this year! It's first weekend of November. I'm trying to get at least one new breed portrait there, let see how things will go because I leave small one week trip tomorrow. Wondering is here some people attending to Kokkocon? Yesterday I just made bunch of new acrylic pendant to Artist Alley table of mine!

Trades I own:

Just finished ACEO -trade before my trip! Trades for Narncolie and kazzuliini have started but I can't continue with them until Kokkocon has done at my work list. I can't take so much art supplies with this trip. Sorry for delay guys!


I have made so many commissions this year that I can't even describe how grateful I'm about that!
Thank you all who have commissioned me this year! :heart: Almost whole year I have done these "3D" Portrait works and since I have gain more experience of making them and technique is quite stable at the moment I have decided to twist the prices before end of the year. So many people have said that I should rise the prices and now I'm more secure about my work with these so I have courage to do so. It's not gonna be so massive rise up yet, but I wanted to announce it before I do it practically.

I have some commissions at my waiting list but they remain for the original prices because I made this decision after those discussions. New prices might be 
announced after Kokkocon - middle of November.

Oh, it's soon November! I just can't wait to have some snow soon!
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Submitted on
October 22, 2016