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Do you want your domestic house cat to be as a portrait model?

I have been asked about house cat portraits at events and in my mind I have developed a idea where I would do a series of portrait works from domestic house cats. Those works will end to be sale items to everybody buy.

Chosen one cats are made up of work articles for my product ranges such as: "3D" magnets, bigger portraits, keychains and bookmarks, etc. You will get copy portrait of your cat in a single "3D" style of work in size of 15cm x 20cm, absolutely free of charge. If you would like to redeem the original work itself, you could buy it for yourself if you like.

I choose cats possibly 5 depending on how many participates in Facebook and Instagram have at end of December.

These kind works I'm talking about:
3D - Portraits: Burmese cat by SaQe  Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Gray petcat by SaQe  Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Tortoiseshell petcat by SaQe


  1. Your cat must not be pure breed cat, only mixed breed domestic house cat who may be plain one color or multicolored, short-haired, or may have longer hair.
  2. Accept that if your cat is selected, it will be made of the sales articles that I sell online store and different events.
  3. You can participate in two places:
        In Instagram using #saqeartdomesticcatmodel + tag my Istagram account (saqeart) to your post
        In Facebook: Comment to this post [link]

    It's more easier to keep track about posts only in Facebook and Instagram. You can post more than one cat, but I will be choosing only one cat from one person - so you could not win two portraits etc. 

  4. Facebook or Instagram is not involved in this project! This is entirely organized by SaQe-Art aka me!
  5. The participation period is until the end of December, after which I will select the suitable cats for the project if there are enough candidates.

Hey guys!

I wanted to ask help with some matter what I have going on my FurAffinity - account:

I'd like to have my account to be listed to trusted-artists - list. Only problem I have at the moment is: I don't have there 300 watchers what that group have on their rules. Watchers must be in FurAffinity, so all my watchers I have here does not count at all - or any other art community.

I only missing 18 persons from that 300 watchers so I can ask my recommendations again from my customers. They just filed them to nowhere because I don't have the magical 300 watchers in my account.

Dear watchers, if you use FurAffinity and do not watch me there:

Would you possibly add me to your watch list?

My FurAffinity: /…

Thank you so much if you can help me out with this matter!
Hello everyone!

I'm glad to tell to you all that I have BUSY Fall coming for me. I have planned to attend in six different artist alley / sale event this fall. All are in Finland so I will continue writing in Finnish:

Tämän syksyn tapahtumat:
  1. Animeseminaari (DONE)
  2. Kokkocon (DONE)
  3. Tracon (9. – 10. Syyskuuta 2017, Tampere) Pöytä nro: 19
  4. Chibicon (14. Lokakuuta 2017, Oulu)
  5. Gingacon (28. Lokakuuta 2017, Tampere)
  6. Pakanalliset myyjäiset (18. Marraskuuta 2017, Oulu)
Tulkaahan moikkaamaan jos pääset osallistumaan johonkin näistä tapahtumista!
In my Facebook - page!

Win a Medium Portrait by commenting to that post!
Here is link to it:…

Happy New Year to all!

Round 4 / 2018

Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple At the moment I'm closed for new commissions! Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple Bullet; Purple 
Open for returning customers only!

If you want to look at the list you can see it here at Google Doc file:
Current commission list

It's easier to update it via Google Doc than every page separately. Thank you for understanding!

FREE Classy Status button: Commissions are closed by koffeelam

Digital Badge - Portrait infomation:

All are made in high resolution in digital, printed in quality 250g paper, hot laminated with clip or eyelet + metal douple loop ring. Also they are cut to shape.
  • Bust:   10cm x 12cm / 3,93 x 4,72 inches -  18€/$20
  • Themed Bust:   14cm x 18cm / 5,51 x 7,08 inches -  25€/$29
  • Waist-Up:   12cm x 14cm / 4,72 x 5,51 inches -  22€/$25
  • Fullbody : 12cm x 18cm / 4,72 x 7,08 inches -  35€/$40
SaQe -badge 2017 by SaQe  Commissions: Kurome - badge by SaQe  Badge for Waittiz by SaQe  Commissions: Barchen -badge by SaQe  Commissions: Wohweli - badge by SaQe

3D - Portraits:
There is basic info about them:
  • I use PayPal invoices for payment
  • These aren't laminated, only few layers of varnish
  • What you can have:


      Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Karma by SaQe  Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Distort by SaQe  Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Rapture by SaQe
    • You can have it as badge (pin) or fridgemagnet
      Size is something like: 7 cm x 12 cm ( 2.75 in x 4.72 in )
      • Price is now 25 euro (28 USD) + shipping (3 euro) for one badge
      • I do not recommend put these at lanyard because these aren't regular laminated badges. You need to be more careful with these. 

    • ACEO with small bg-elements
      ACEO: Enjeaux (3D) by SaQe
    • Size is regular ACEO - size ( 2.5 in x 3.5 in )
      • Price is now 28 euro (31 USD) + shipping (3 euro) for one ACEO
      • There will be some small background elements like: leaves, branches, grass etc. You can request what you have in your mind.
    • PORTRAIT FOR FRAMES: Small (regular small photo)

      3D-Portraits: Gin by SaQe  Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Phantom by SaQe  Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Lightikea by SaQe
      Size is: 10 cm x 15 cm
      • Price is now 30 euro (33 USD) + shipping (3 euro) for one portrait
      • You will receive work without frames! (If frames wanted, shipping fee is bigger than without frames)

    • PORTRAIT FOR FRAMES: Medium (bigger photo)
      Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Dirge by SaQe  Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Zinare by SaQe  Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Kenai by SaQe
      Size is: 15 cm x 20 cm
      Character something like 13 cm x 18cm
      • Price is now 35 euro (38 USD) + shipping (3 euro) for one portrait
      • You will receive work without frames! (If frames wanted, shipping fee is bigger than without frames)

    • PORTRAIT FOR FRAMES: A4 (regular printer paper size)

      Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Keeba by SaQe  Commissions: 3D - Portrait - Rowan by SaQe
      Size is: 21 cm x 29,7 cm(8,268 in x 11,693 in) for base card!
      Character something like 20cm x 25cm
      • Price is now 50 euro (55 USD) + shipping (3 euro) for one portrait
      • You will receive work without frames! (If frames wanted, shipping fee is bigger than without frames)

Responsibility - comicbook by SaQe
Hei, aattelin tännekkin mainostaa kun Nara kirjoitti kuin kirjoittikin Vastuusta arvostelun:…

Käykää ihmeessä lukemassa, hyvää settiä siellä! Tuokin projekti tuntuu niin kaukaiselta kun se valmistui jo viime keväänä. Nythän tekisin jo asioita toisin mitä silloin. Siinä Nara oli varsin oikeassa, että kokeiluhan tuo omakustanne pääsääntöisesti oli ja siihen voisi hyvin lisätä, että projekti oli enemmän itsensä haastamista kuin mitään muuta (:
  • Drinking: Orange 100% sqeezed fruit - juice
Responsibility - comicbook by SaQe

OMG - it's really here!

Last Monday was very important day to me! My very first self-published comic book or in better words for this final product might be a graphic poem. but anyhow... IT IS HERE! :heart:

I wan't to thank all who have already order one of these! It means lot to me! :hug: :heart: 

Current status: 17/100 has left the nest!

  • Finnish version: 66 of 80 is available
  • English version: 17 of 20 is available

Comic is printed with high quality covers and pages in full color. Size is folded A4 ( 5.8" x 8.3" ) and 12 all pages.

Want the real piece?

Price will be 6€ + shipping, that price depends where do you live. Payment via PayPal in Euros and suomalaisille tilisiirto.

Shipping prices:
  • Finland: 2€
  • Rest of Europe: 2,5€
  • Everywhere else: 4,5€

Currency converter:…

Send me Note if you're interested order and tell what version you want! (:
Two years I have prepared myself for this day. And still I'm not ready to this. Beloved and most important dog in my life moves eternal playgrounds 14.10.2011. Deep sadness is sneaking to my heart. I don't have a change to see Jesse until Friday, so only I have my memories of him. Hardest part is to go home - no longer see always so happy dog when I arrive home. What a huge emptiness is front of me. Jesse have lived playfully rich and good life. 14 years Jesse has walk along same roads with me. Jesse will be an eternal paw print in my heart - so much we have go together, we have experienced so much and grown up during this journey. Nobody can take his place from my heart!

EDIT: Tomorrow 18.10.2011 Jesse will be in new playgrounds. I managed to see him last weekend for last time. It was so hard to leave yesterday from home and leave that happy fellow. Jesse was so happy - because all our family members were home. My heart is so broken now - I just can't stop crying. But this is right thing to do. No more dark days for him. Rest in peace my puppy :heart: Youre the best friend ever!
50 Mythical Creatures Challenge

I have long time wanted to start some challenge in here deviantArt. I think first to take 100 Themes Challenge, but then I notised that there too much to do. Then I remembered this 50 Mythical Creatures Challenge and desided to do that. So I will draw wanky chacters in future. :3

challenge made by:
:iconhopeakorento:, :icontankero: and :iconagina:

1. Dragon
Kitkan viisas by SaQe
2. Centaur
3. Chimera
4. Hippogriff
5. Gryphon
6. Pegasus
7. Unicorn
8. Cherub
9. Elf
Early morning by SaQe
10. Fairy
11. Mermaid/Merman
12. Werewolf
13. Phoenix
14. Troll by SaQe
14. Troll
15. Basilisk
16. Boogeyman
17. Vampire
18. Nymph
19. Hydra
20. Thunderbird
21. Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent)
22. Kraken
23. Sleipnir
24. Kelpie
25. Rainbow serpent
26. Witch/Wizard
27. Faun
28. Ghost
29. Demon
30. Repo (Fox who creates the Aurora Borealis)
31. Angel
32. Naga
33. Salamander
34. Swan of the Underworld
35. Ent
36. Dryad
37. Sphinx
38. Mountain troll
39. Nine Tails
40. Snow Queen
41. Minotaur
42. Yeti
43. Cyclope
44. Harpy
45. Medusa
46. Satyre
47. Zombie
48. Valkyrie
49. Water Sprite
50. Grim